How one can cease screwing your self over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

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  1. I appreciate her wisdom, but impulsiveness isn't necessarily a good thing.

  2. Actually sometimes we DO feel like eating healthily. Only problem is, that that initial activation energy doesn't last for a second or third attempt.

  3. 13:33 Feelings are there for a reason though! Im back off to bed haha

  4. Best TED Talk Ever!!! But now i have to move, i have only 5 seconds to get up 😀

  5. All is vanity, and a striving to catch the wind, cause in the end, we all still die, and once again, become the dust of the earth.

  6. Typically motivational speaker. Talks a lot, states some facts done by other’s hard work, and ends up not saying anything

  7. Alot of this has do with support, for those of us with no family and friends due to life and relocations it can all seem useless, pointless. The only reason at a certain time in life is the one you loved, when that is gone by death or separation motivation can be crushed and hard to get back.

  8. Right ON!!! We have been teaching these methods for more than twenty years!!! Works!!

  9. Yes amazing speech… But what about depression?

  10. Damn she's cool…. (Goes back to sleep)

  11. This talk illustrates better than any other why Americans are so irritated by the answer "Fine". In fact, if they ask you how you are and you answer "fine", they ask you "just fine"? So, you always have to say "fabulous, fab, wonderful, whoooa". But these adjectives sound so exaggerated to the cynical European ear.
    A friend of mine from Rome told me he met once an American colleague at a conference. She almost ran into him, screaming "HELLO! HOW ARE YOU?! SO FABULOUS MEETING YOU", and while he was smiling at her, he had a voice clinging in his head, that spoke in the dialect of Rome with a phrase like "What the f*(c)# are you talking about?"

  12. You’re never going to “FEEL” like it.

  13. I can't say anything.
    Really amaze me

  14. Love This! There are so many ways and styles to say this but she got my attention!

  15. Always wondered if she was related or married to Tony Robbins 🙄

  16. 8:00 She spoke wrong. It's 1 in 400 billion! You need 3 more zeros for a trillion

  17. I audition in Cabazon California today for America’s got talent I once again went to one of her videos ,right before I performed ,she said courage is not the assurance that everything is going to turn out well ,it is the ability to at least try ,she has changed so many peoples lives for the positive!!

  18. I LOVE her the 5 second rule helped me do my first stand up comedy routine.I told myself,I’m not backing out,and I DIDNT!!

  19. Self-sabotage due to confusing emotions is probably by far why most people end up not achieving their full potential !

  20. She has the best personality. Such a good ted talk!

  21. Amazing! This is a life lesson that so many people need to learn! Sharing with friends and family ASAP! It's incredible how many people do not realize that their destiny is in their hands and it is completely about how they perceive and address their obstacles. True, we don't all come from a level playing field – but we CAN craft the lives and achieve the goals we envision for ourselves.

  22. 非常感谢分享这个演讲、非常感谢字幕组..谢谢

  23. a little "overmotivational", isn't it? I get the idea, it's nice and motivational, but you can't just feed people things as "science". and if we always listen to the "5 second rule" we might as well harm ourselves, our impulses are not always rational!
    But I did like the idea if "inner snooze button". and I don't know if the statistics on the chance of you being born were actually correct, but they were motivational.

  24. 1 in 400 trillion chance that you're not regarded as human cattle LOL think about it human resource hello? LMAO that's no different than a chunk of coal, that's a natural resource to. I would have been happier more pleased if they open the curtains and The Wizard of Oz appeared, you starting to get me now?

  25. I want my small business to be successful …..lots of money for me and my children …I want to be filled with joy doing it….I want a husband who shares my same faith in Christ and he adores me and I adore him.

  26. This was the absolute best motivational speech I ever heard! Brilliant! Thank you! Kathy

  27. Me (Scrolling through youtube): "How to stop screwing yourself over? Say no more!"

  28. Thank you so, so, so much for this!

  29. how did the scientists have this number 1:400,000,000,000 i dont get it

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