Say whats up to the brand new Google My Enterprise app

People are searching for you on Google. Turn those searchers into your customers with exclusive new features in the free Google My Business app.


  1. Перевод, пожалуйста, на кой черт нужна программа?

  2. Now how will google serve small businesses that span the continent instead of just local? We do much more of our work away from home. Local has harmed our reach and reduced high quality options for consumers. "Local" is not the same as best.

  3. How do I publish my iyzico links?

  4. Finally, a company big enough to crush Yelp

  5. i created the LFO app. Was years ahead of it…..

  6. I am absolutely gettting this!! Love everything Google

  7. Looks like the only change is that businesses are able to have followers. That will be big for food truck owners not so big for plumbers

  8. How does someone become a follower?

  9. I would like to see more integration with 360 degree photos. But apparently this new app don't show any 360 photos..

  10. Is the app available on iOS?

  11. Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly (West Bengal, India) maps are not accurate and correct. I got many time irratated when following Google maps and got no any shop at my destination. These are totally waste of time to follow google maps to go any places. Recently I searched Kent Service Center and visited the place but their were no any service center on that place. I went 10 different different branches and got all 10 places have no any shop or office. This is ridiculous to follow google map for going exact locations. I advise not to follow kolkata any Service Center Office i.e. Kent Service centre, Aquagrand service Center, Aquaguard service center, RO Water Purifier Service centre, Chimney Service centre, CCTV service Center… I am very disappointed. Google have to work a lot of with Google Map team. Thank you.

  12. I already use it and I have benefited a lot from this.

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